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Mill of stainless steel for flour 150-300 kg hour human consumption

Power: 11-15 kw
Capacity: 150-300
Dimensions: 2800 * 2500 * 1000
Weight: 750 kg
Humidity: 12%



Multifunction Stainless Steel Mill.

The CF650 model can achieve from 100 to 200 kg per hour of flours of different sizes for human food use.

With little electrical consumption it is possible to carry out the grinding of an endless number of materials such as:

    Dried banana
    Maize to make raw and recosidas flours
    Spices like, nutmeg, pepper, cumin, tarragon, etc.
    I give you all kinds
    Grains and oilseeds

And an indeterminate number of mills that need to have high and low granulometry.

This grinding system contains the mat mill, it has extraction by centrifugal fan, and a dust receiver that separates the particles by size.

It also has a filter that prevents very small particles from being suspended in the air. This means that you can work in a clean and dust-free environment.

The pieces that make up this grinding system are.

Marillos mill completely stainless steel.

Drainage by centrifugal fan.

Dust collection system adjustable in size.

With a weight of 750 kg of stainless steel in high quality.

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